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Welcome to KMJ DIECAST!
The "K" is for Kirk that's me a Retired USAF / Federal Firefighter.
The "M" is for Melissa my lovely daughter who I love much more than she will ever know!
The "J" is for Jonathon my baby boy who has grown into a very fine young man.
So "KMJ" is about my kids and me and this is our tiny spot in the endless thing we call Cyberspace.
We hope you enjoy the following pages we created for all Hot Wheels Collectors here on Earth.
We'll gladly answer questions you have about Collecting, Buying, Selling, Trading and/or Racing Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels are made by Mattel. We are NOT affiliated at all with Mattel. We are humble collectors like
you, and with the onslaught of the Internet into our lives, we have created this website for our fellow
collectors. To share our knowledge and help enhance collecting.

Lets make it clear for the lawyers, we are NOT nor do we wish to be ENDORSED by Mattel. We are
Hobby people. We buy, sell, trade, race and put on Hot Wheels Events for kids every week, donate our
time and Hot Wheels to Children in need. If any of Mattel's logos appear on this site they DO NOT
indicate an endorsement by Mattel, as if anyone except a legal beagle thought that it did. OK sorry about
the rant, but I never thought Mattel would be so worried about us, if they looked on eBay on any giving
day they would find many more misuses of their logo than on our site. Enough said.

One day a toy compnay owner and a parent wondered why his kids were playing with toys made by
another company. His company did not make the toys his kids were playing with, which was a Toy Car.
His company advised him that the Toy Car market was locked up by Matchbox and Lensey mainly. But
this parent wanted his kids to play with toy cars made by his company.

In 1968 the first 16 Hot Wheels were released by Mattel and since then things have never been the same
in the Toy Car world. Thanks to JC Pennys seeing that every boy loves a Toy Car they surpassed
Mattel's expectations and helped create this great collectible. Then Hot Wheels made tracks unlike other
Toy Cars and with the patented Wheel and Axle design they claimed then to be the fastest Toy Car in the
World. This combination sold like gangbusters to kids everywhere.

Hot Wheels was born right in the middle of the Muscle Car Era and they jumped in like gang busters.
Quickly becoming sponsors of the Funny Car Drag Racing - National Hot Rod Association's "SNAKE" &
"MONGOOSE"! After that Hot Wheels never looked back and have become the mainstay of toy cars for
boys of all ages worldwide!

This website will start out with information about the Mainline Vehicles being released each Year. We will
work with the most recent Years first and go backwards. We will provided you with checklist and
information about the vehicles as best as we can. Feel free to help us!

Also the KMJ DIECAST links will take you to our online store where you buy Hot Wheels from our
inventory of over 20,000 Hot Wheels! You will see these links all over our site, just click on them and
another window will open and take you our online store!

Again have fun checking out and give us your suggestions and opinions concerning
Hot Wheels Mainline Vehicles.

We thank you for your time, Kirk, Melissa & Jon.
God Bless America
We hope this helps with your
Collection! If you have any
questions or want to provide some
information, please contact us.

Kirk L. Smith

KMJ Diecast
PO Box 5595
Mesa, AZ 85211-5595

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